A16 - Choindez tunnel (Jura, Switzerland)

A16 - Choindez tunnel (Jura, Switzerland)


République et canton du Jura


2011 - 2016

Total costs

180 mio EUR

Project description

3200 m bi-directional motorway tunnel, including:

  • Underground section in limestone, marl and molasses (400 m excavated using forepoling)
  • Ventilation chamber of 40 x 25 x 26 m
  • Smoke extraction shafts
  • Circular and polygone covered tunnels, length 2 x 460 m
  • Central ventilation plant installed in the excavation
  • Architectural portals
  • Parallel safety tunnel
  • Integration of the second tube, constructed later in the programme

Services provided

  • Detailed design
  • Call for tenders process
  • Construction design and documentation
  • Direction of the site works
  • Collation of as-built documentation

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