3rd Rhone (Switzerland) - Master plan

3rd Rhone (Switzerland) - Master plan


  • Canton Wallis
  • Canton Vaud


  • Master plan:
    2005 - 2007
  • Construction:
    30 year (estimation)

Total costs

0.9 billion EUR

Project Description

The Rhone river in the Wallis canton feeds the entire plain on 160 km. The objective of the 3rd Rhone correction is to ensure that in the future the Rhone will fulfill it's function in terms of:

  • Security: flood protection
  • Environmental: water and terrestrial habitats
  • Land use: preservation of the hydraulic resources, and hydroelectricity, landscape, leisure use and plain Structuring

The multidisciplinary study group set up to prepare the master plan defines all necessary measures to ensure these functions. The approach is characterised by a rigorous technical approach, active consultation and early consideration of all the impacts and potential benefits of the project.


  • Data collection and analysis
  • Objectives and assessment criteria
  • General concept and variant study
  • Multi criteria analysis and consultation
  • Planning
  • Master plan
  • Impact study

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