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A new BG agency in Oporto, Portugal


On the 1st of December 2019, BG added a 22th agency. Indeed, a new office has been opened in Oporto, Portugal. Located in Rua Augusto Rosa 79 – 4000-098 Porto, in the historical neighborhood Batalha in the city center, it uses the workspaces of Regus in a renovated historical building. It will be easily accessible with public transports and will have all the amenities.

In the short term, the agency will count on two experimented employees: a structural engineer since the 1st of December and a BIM drafter on the 1st of February. Bruno Barbosa, project manager in the Structures Group in Lausanne, oversees the development and smooth operation of this agency. He hence occupies also the positions of head of the Structures Group in Oporto and Head of the Oporto Agency.

The opening of this new agency intends to improve BG's productivity, easing the hiring of engineers and draftsmen in a less tight labor market than in Switzerland. This presence in Portugal will enable the prospection for new clients in a country with an economy in recovery, to broaden the export, as well as to create partnerships with internationally renowned architects.

The offered services will, for now, cover all civil engineering and drawing (BIM) services in the field of structural building.

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