Sponsoring YOG2020

Language exchanges at the heart of the YOG2020


In a way, the YOG2020 has already begun for classes of 10 to 15 year-olds in the canton of Vaud, which are participating in a language exchange project run by the Fondation Economie Sport et Jeunesse (ESJ). Being aligned with the positive values of this event, and of this project in particular, BG is sponsoring this project with conviction.

The 2020 Youth Olympic Games will take place in and around Lausanne from the 9th to the 22nd January, but the legacy goal is to leave an impact well beyond the event itself. It is with this in mind that BG has opted to be a part of this celebration; in addition to conveying the Olympic values, it also represents an ideal anchor point for the development of language exchanges.

Combining sports and language stays

The project is being implemented by the General Directorate of Compulsory Education in the Canton of Vaud, and BG is providing sponsorship. In concrete terms, links with classes in German-speaking Switzerland and Italian-speaking Ticino have already been made by the teachers, and the students have been getting to know each other through correspondence. Exchanges have already started to take place and will increase in frequency in the coming months. The young participants will meet in Vaud during the YOG202020, either before or after their language exchange.

The project involves classes from the 7th to 11th grade, i.e. pupils from 10 to 15 years old. The exchanges, lasting from 3 days to a week, focus on the theme of sport but also offer all the advantages of a typical foreign languages stay in a family environment: language development, exposure to another culture, openness and autonomy.

ESJ is a foundation which was created in 2016 by the Association Economie Région Lausanne (ERL) and the Centre Patronal specifically for the YOG2020. It provides organisational and financial support for the selected projects.

Promote the project

BG has chosen to support this program because it fits perfectly with BG's own values. As a company active throughout Switzerland as well as internationally, we are very aware of the importance of language skills and intercultural exchanges.