ECAL Promotions 2019

ECAL graduation ceremony 2019: Luisa Kahlfeldt and Romain Roucoules win the Sustainable Development Award


On Friday 28 June, the graduation ceremony of the École cantonale d'Art de Lausanne, the internationally renowned school of art and design, located in Renens, was held. During the ceremony, BG awards young graduates of the Industrial Design and Visual Communication branches a prize for their final year project related to the principles of sustainable development.

Fully biodegradable and antibacterial diapers

Luisa Kahlfeldt from the Industrial Design branch won the BG award for her Master's work entitled SeaCell Diaper. These baby diapers are made from a fully biodegradable, absorbent and antibacterial fibre, based on eucalyptus wood and algae extract, which are currently available only as a mixed fabric. In collaboration with a renowned research institute, Luisa Kahlfeldt has developed a range of cloth diapers that are washable, reusable and soft while exploiting the skin protection and hygiene properties of this resistant material.

The project attracted BG for its expertise in the entire marketing chain: materials, production, design, market and communication. The product has the potential to have a positive impact on the environment and can represent a social and financial benefit for families.

Global Solutions: Distant consequences, close causes

The BG prize for the Visual Communication branch was awarded to Romain Roucoules for his Bachelor's work on the theme of deforestation. After the Brazilian presidential elections, the Amazonian forest, an environmental icon that has been somewhat forgotten for the past twenty years, is back in the spotlight. In the form of an installation, Global Solutions brings together modern simulacres from different horizons and makes us aware of distant realities. It's a very well put together project that has the ability to create emotions. It's mix of communication techniques, that question how we perceive the world, is very convincing.

We heartily congratulate these talented artists and wish them a successful professional future.