The "Construction and Sustainable Development" prize
Qazim Ljabjani and Pierre Epars (BG Consulting Engineers)

BG prizes at EPFL: energy geostructures and natural stone in the spotlight


As in previous years, BG Consulting Engineers attended the EPFL Graduation Day and at the Departmental Masters Awards Ceremonies on the 5th October 2019 to award prizes to some of the top students. Two prizes were awarded: a "BG System and Sustainable Development" prize relating to the master's course and a "Construction and Sustainable Development" prize for the architectural students. These awards recognise master's degree projects that display a relevant approach to sustainable development.

The thermal potential of geostructures

This year, the "BG System and Sustainable Development" prize was awarded to a student from the Department of Civil Engineering, Mr Qazim Ljabjani, for his master's project on energy geostructures. His theoretical work on stresses generated in planar geostructures resulting from their interaction with the ground is remarkable. His development of a simple tool for sizing these geostructures allows a fast and pragmatic approach without the use of heavy finite element software. The BG award recognizes his efforts to promote geostructures that could be more widely used in view of their high thermal potential.

The award was presented by Pierre Epars, President of the General Management of BG Consulting Engineers.

Solid stone at the centre of a housing project

BG selected Jonas Küratli and Marie Le Drean for the "Construction and Sustainable Development" prize, for their master's project entitled "Everyday stone. Collective housing in natural stone, Eaux-Vives, Geneva". Guillaume Massard, Head of the Territorial Energy Building Unit at BG, presented them with this award.

This choice welcomes the integration of blocks of local stone into an urban housing project. The project highlights the relatively short cycle of stone from regional quarries and also seeks to optimise the interior brightness of the building despite the constraints of this material. Sustainability has been at the heart of this work, with consideration given to the structure of the building as well as the façade. One aim has been to ensure a 150-year lifespan of the building, while simultaneously providing modularity of interior spaces to enable future transformations.

 BG Consulting Engineers was particularly enthusiastic about the quality of these two projects and congratulates the winners of these Awards.