BG leads the way in integrated building planning and management with BIM and the IoT


As part of the Swiss Digital Day 2019, the smartimmo congress, held on 3 September at the Smart City Lab in Basel, brought together some 200 participants to discuss real estate and connected objects. As an expert in BIM and the IoT, BG led two workshops on the performance of these tools.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) for construction modelling; the IoT (Internet of Things) for connected objects; and FM (Facility Management) for strategic and operational management of buildings and equipment: these three terms open new paths in the world of design, construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure.

Impacts on the FM business

The two BG workshops were led by Marco Mincarelli and Christina Röthlin, both from the Building and Energy domain of BG. They discussed the performance of BIM in terms of efficiency, flexibility, risk management, and process automation. They also analysed the impact of BIM and the IoT on the FM business: these tools are a further step towards automation, enabling the operational management of the building to be taken into account from the early design stages. This leads to a reduction in inspection frequency and enables preventive and targeted maintenance to be undertaken, benefitting the residents and users in terms of both comfort and safety. These workshops (bilingual German/English) brought together building operators, members of engineering offices, and software and turnkey solution providers.

Development of a national IoT standard for connected buildings

BG is active in the development of a national IoT standard for connected buildings.

The smartimmo congress and its eleven conferences ended with the launch of the "Swiss IoT Guidelines for Smart Buildings" initiative to define a national IoT standard for the planning, construction and operation of buildings. BG and 20 other companies are already represented on this committee which will launch its work in October and report its results at the SmartSuisse 2020 congress in Basel, which will focus on promising themes for sustainable urban development.