3ème ligne métro Toulouse

BG converts a try in the rugby capital of France


BG has been awarded the complete infrastructure and equipment project management for the North-Western sector of the 3rd Toulouse metro line.

After a long consultation procedure commensurate with the challenges presented by the Toulouse Airport Express (TAE) project, estimated to be worth €2.67 billion for a 27 km long route with 21 stations linking Colomiers to Labège, BG with Artelia, ARThème Partners and Harter Architecture has been awarded the entire project management contract for the North-Western section of the new 3rd Toulouse metro line. With this project, BG strengthens its foothold in the Occitania region and wins a complete project management contract for a metro line in France.

This section is one of the three lots making up the line. With a total length of around five km involving works costing €193 million, it comprises 1550 linear metres of tunnels, 1300 metres of viaducts, two underground stations Colomiers Gare and Airbus Colombiers and one overground station Airbus Saint Martin and finally one ancillary structure together with linear works on the level, on gradients and in cuttings. BG will be responsible for the design and supervision of works on the underground infrastructures and equipment not directly linked to the system, as well as the management of the interfaces in particular with the central lot of this line which is to be built entirely in a tunnel. BG is therefore deploying wide-ranging professional expertise on this major project.

For the urban area, this project represents far more than just a new metro line. With more than one million inhabitants today, the Toulouse metropolis has been experiencing population growth of around 15,000 persons a year for several years. This growth is not just reflected in the scale of its urban centre but is also spreading out to the wider urban area and nearby medium-sized towns such as Montauban, Albi, Carcassonne and Auch. The visible population dynamic is also being accompanied by economic growth creating 7000 new jobs annually. That explains the need to generate a transfer to different modes of transport, provide a new alternative to the car and anticipate a possible saturation of the historic transport network lines in the near future.

Many challenges will have to be taken up in order to contend with the technical and organisational difficulties presented by such a dense urban site and BG is proud to be one of the consultancies chosen by TISSEO Engineering to contribute to this impressive project that is due to enter into service in 2025.


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