Stand BG Consulting Engineers

Active presence of BG at the BIM Conference 2019


On the 14th November, BG Consulting Engineers attended the BIM Conference 2019, organized by Bauen digital Schweiz. In EPFL' Swiss Convention Center, BG participated with a speaker on the first conference of the day and with a stand equipped with "virtual reality". "How to tackle the numerical challenges in the industry and construction fields" was the ambitious program of this event, the biggest of the year on BIM in Switzerland.

An optimal level of quality and understanding

A presentation was given about the BIM coordination in the context of Cheneviers IV, the new waste heat recovery facility in Geneva, in which BG oversees the general project coordination (within the consortium BG-ass-TBF). The presentation included the implemented methodologies for the coordination between different conception models, in the search of an optimal level of quality and understanding of the project.

The importance of the numerical model in Cheneviers IV project

Cheneviers IV is a complex project. The plant must be demolished while maintaining its operation during the construction works. The numerical models for each step of the project represent an undeniable advantage. The BIM coordination not only improves the reliability and allows to anticipate the detection of inconsistencies during execution phases, but it is also a unique communication medium for all the stakeholders.

The application of BIM in decisive projects

The day continued with many other equally exciting presentations, in particular about underground BIM modelling, the BuildingSMART certification in Switzerland, and other applications of BIM in projects such as the extension of the railway station of Lausanne or the Riviera Chablais hospital.

This interesting and informative conference was hence a success for both organizers and participants. For BG, it presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate its proficiency in BIM modelling.