Innovation as a Corporate Culture

Product and service innovations. High added value consulting.

A forward-looking corporate culture where innovation is a key focus

An innovation is a novel product (in the broad sense) that creates a new market or, through a strong positive effect, sustains an existing market.

BG develops several strategies to be at the forefront of product and service innovations and emerging technologies, in order to offer our customers the best solutions in terms of performance, reliability, quality and cost.

We establish scientific, academic, technical and strategic partnerships, for complex actions with challenging imperatives, with a focus on concrete results, efficiency and high added value service.

Coordinated innovation actions to drive an open and dynamic culture

Supported by the Executive Board and the CEO, the Innovation Department helps develop and roll out innovations in different sectors at the crossroads of tradition and technology. We open up the range of possibilities, through paradigm shifts, continuous improvements or market disruptions. The fields of application are numerous and successes are sometimes counter-intuitive, so we constantly prioritise, re-adjust and persevere to develop truly novel and effective products and services. We have put together cross-disciplinary innovation and improvement teams, and we listen carefully to everything they have to say.

Our horizontal and vertical priorities include creating or strengthening ties to innovation stakeholders, finding new sources of value, responding to unmet or hidden market needs, supporting the empowerment of our teams and staying focused on concrete results.

Developing novelty, harnessing the unknown, breaking down silos

Innovation processes develop novelty in terms of products and services, markets, partnerships, business models, internal and external tools to improve knowledge management, powerful digital tools for industry 4.0 or data analysis for energy, mobility, the environment, healthcare and the cities of the future. At BG, we know that innovation stems from meaningful, concrete, market-oriented work by our people on the ground. Our best ambassadors are our employees and key partners, and our foundational values are trust and transparency.