Advanced leadership

BG Bonnard & Gardel Holding SA is a public limited company under Swiss law.  It wholly owns all its subsidiaries and has shares in partner companies.

The company observes principles of governance which comply with the latest management requirements:

  • Transparent management and information within the limits of confidentiality;
  • Competent, available, honest and responsible managers, whose roles are clearly defined in the company’s rules of procedure; the positions of Chairman of the Board of Directors and of Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO) are held by two different persons;
  • Strategic, long-term vision for the benefit of all stakeholders - shareholders, employees, clients, partners, suppliers, the community and the environment;
  • Respect for and involvement of shareholders who, in BG’s case, are also staff members;
  • Risk assessment and management: an Audit & Risk Management Committee is part of the Board of Directors and the accounts are audited by an independent auditing body;
  • Performance encouragement and appropriate remuneration – BG enforces a fair and transparent profit sharing scheme. 

The capital of BG is in the hands of its employees, particularly its partners.



A fully networked company

A structure organised according to business skills

The Group is organised into domains subdivided into units and then into business skill groups. Domain and unit staff can be located on different geographical sites. All the Group's activities are supported by centralised general services.

Multidisciplinary project teams

Mandates are carried out by project teams, bringing together the skills best suited to the specific – often multidisciplinary – project, which may thus involve staff from different sites, units or even fields. We are a fully networked company, whose collective intelligence gradually builds up via actual projects completed throughout the Group’s structure. This multidisciplinarity enables us to offer our clients global and innovative solutions and personalised advice as close as possible to their expectations. It also gives us the possibility to be reactive and to compensate for any setbacks arising during a mandate.

Executive Board

Executive Board

Executive Board: A team-focused leadership

At BG, leadership is understood as a team work. Together with the Board of Directors, the BG management defines the strategy and objectives of the Group. It draws up corresponding action plans, ensures operational management and controlling and reports to the Board of Directors. The Executive Board advises the divisions and validates their organisation.

Members of the Executive Board

The Management Board consists of a Chairman, and other members and is composed as follows (cf. picture from left to right): Pierre Epars, CEO; Henriette Haas-Brutus, CFO/COO; Roselyne Loeb, HRD; Gilles Pirat, Director Building & Energy; Philippe Pons, Director Infrastructure & Transport; Alexis Pourprix, Director Water & Environment

Composition du CA

Mission and membership of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors assumes the top management of the BG Group. It sets the global organization and accounting and controlling principles. It appoints and dismisses executives, oversees the work of the management and draws up the annual report. It includes to a Remuneration Committee and an Audit & Risk Management Committee.  It delegates executive management of the company to the Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO).

The positions of Chairman of the Board and of Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO) are held by two different persons.

BG Partners

BG Partners

Partners committed to the company's success

The 35 partners of the BG Holding are either members of the senior management team or international experts. They are appointed by the Board of Directors. With their management abilities and their extensive know-how they contribute largely to the smooth functioning and the reputation of BG. The partners are actively involved in defining the Group's strategy and commit themselves to its implementation. Together they hold an important stake in the company.

The partners meet several times a year for "Partner Seminars" during which they review the company's progress, major ongoing projects, the financial situation and shareholders.