The environment, an inevitable dimension

The environment, which is as much about nature (physical, chemical, biological) as culture (socio-economical) acts upon all living organisms and human activities. Its understanding is essential to enable the development of a sustainable way of life.

Focusing on the future

BG has skills to evaluate and reduce the impact of human activities and to design sustainable systems in the sectors of:

  • Water, with recognized experts in hydrology, hydrogeology, hydraulics, rainwater management, watercourse development, water supply, water purification
  • Air, with the modelling and design of ventilation and deodorisation systems as well as the management of the quality of gaseous wastes in buildings, industrial plants and tunnels
  • The ground, with the methods of subsoil decontamination, management of contaminated sites and dumps
  • Urban and industrial wastes, by the design of management systems, incineration plants, organic or energetic waste recycling and biofuel
  • Protection against natural and industrial risks
  • The sustainable management of energy

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