Sustainable Development

BG Values

We base our organisation on eight core values that guide all our actions. 


BG attaches particular importance to the social responsibility of the company. Environmental awareness, business ethics, respectful treatment of employees and responsible purchasing are among the criteria that determine the Group's activities.

Sustainable Development

By adhering to the highest ethical standards, BG gives serious consideration to the consequences of its actions on the well-being of our planet’s inhabitants and contributes to building a sustainable living environment.

Client Focus

BG works closely with its clients throughout the entire project duration, providing attentive service and personalised advice, while demonstrating resourcefulness and transparency.


Thanks to its mastery of innovation and its ability to deliver cutting edge solutions, BG operates at the forefront of knowledge. Open to technological challenges, it also knows how to leverage ties with higher
education institutions.


Given its size and multidisciplinary nature, BG is able to build teams tailored to each project. Through the added value it provides, BG is widely recognised as an ambassador of «Swiss engineering».

Human Capital

BG encourages creativity, teamwork and networking among its employees, while at the same time placing a strong emphasis on vocational training.


Because BG is independent both financially and intellectually, it enjoys a high degree of autonomy and self-determination. 

Power of the collective

BG's strength is based on its plurality: multidisciplinary teams from all over the world work together on common projects for global and innovative solutions. Thanks to its diversity, BG offers a large range of products and services as well as an exceptional and established Expertise.