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The Transport Centre

BG’s Transport Centre offers its skills and knowhow in road, rail and environmental engineering, as well as in the planning and socio-economics of transportation, to provide its clients with integrated solutions to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

BG develops and optimises its transportation offering with various services that include:

  • Railway studies: These studies focus on expanding regional railway lines in France and Switzerland, as well as developing regional, national and international transportation services such as the Paris-Geneva, Paris-Normandy (LNPN) and Paris-Brussels high-speed train links.
  • Socio-economic studies: BG assesses the sustainability of transportation projects through socio-economic studies. Its expert team has been called upon by the EU and EEIG to investigate freight transport issues on the Atlantic Corridor and Corridors 7-8. BG has also conducted assessment surveys on behalf of VNF and SNCF using the constantly updated freight model it has developed for France and Europe over the past 15 years.
  • Urban transportation studies: BG carries out neighbourhood redevelopment studies in cooperation with urban planners to address issues relating to traffic, mobility and interoperability. It also works on the integration of transport projects (bus, tram, metro), passenger interchanges and train stations. Its mandate to increase the capacity of the Geneva train station included the management of passenger flows, evacuation routes and interoperability with bus and tram services. Since 2013, BG has provided its expertise on passenger flows and interoperability at the 60 train stations of the Grand Paris Express.
  • Traffic simulation studies: This research aims to develop traffic scenarios on the interaction between passenger vehicles, pedestrians, buses and trams. BG has conducted studies on traffic simulations for the motorway junction and car park access at Geneva airport, on urban traffic and bus stations in Chalons-en-Champagne, and on passenger flows in train stations. BG uses the PTV VISSIM and VISWALK software suites.
  • Studies on multimodal logistics and freight hubs: Aside from its work on European corridors, BG has undertaken studies on the transport of waste via river/rail for Europe's largest waste treatment plant at Ivry-sur-Seine (SYTCOM), on river/rail hubs in Ile-de-France (HAROPA), and on road/rail hubs (project management study for SGP on the Bruyère hub, feasibility study for SNCF on the relocation of the Annemasse hub and assessment for VIIA of a road/rail freight terminal).


BG’s Transport Centre will continue to gain strength by making its experience, know-how and energy available to an ever-growing number of clients.


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