• Pumped-storage scheme Nant de Drance - lake of Emosson
    Hydropower plants
  • Pumped-storage scheme Nant de Drance - main cavern
    Hydropower plants

Hydropower plants

The power of water...

Hydropower accounts for approximately twenty percent of worldwide electricity production. It is as of today one of the only means of storing energy at a large scale thanks to pumped-storage technology. Used in conjunction with conventional or re-newable power generation and thanks to its great flexibility and reliability, hydropower offers major advantages for the regulation of interconnected power grids.

Custom-made solutions for unique projects

Since every hydropower scheme is unique, the multidisciplinary approach of the BG Group allows to build a team of leading specialists and experts for all technical, environmental and social issues relevant to your project. From project development to operation, we accompany you at every stage:

  • Strategic development
  • Preliminary studies
  • Feasibility studies and final design
  • Tendering and construction
  • Operation

From the smallest hydropower plant to the largest pumped-storage scheme and the renewal of your concession, the BG Group helps you to make the most of your hydroelectric potential while respecting the environment.

Our competence also extends to multi-purpose projects such as flood protection, irrigation or water distribution networks combined with hydropower generation. Since many consultants and specialist engineers in the BG Group have a background in the hydropower industry (production, distribution, operation), we understand your needs and future challenges.

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