• Board of Directors and Executive Board of BG


Advanced leadership

BG Bonnard & Gardel Holding SA is a public limited company under Swiss law.  It wholly owns all its subsidiaries and has shares in partner companies.

The company observes principles of governance which comply with the latest management requirements:

  • Transparent management and information within the limits of confidentiality;
  • Competent, available, honest and responsible managers, whose roles are clearly defined in the company’s rules of procedure; the positions of Chairman of the Board of Directors and of Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO) are held by two different persons;
  • Strategic, long-term vision for the benefit of all stakeholders - shareholders, employees, clients, partners, suppliers, the community and the environment;
  • Respect for and involvement of shareholders who, in BG’s case, are also staff members;
  • Risk assessment and management: an Audit & Risk Management Committee is part of the Board of Directors and the accounts are audited by an independent auditing body;
  • Performance encouragement and appropriate remuneration – BG enforces a fair and transparent profit sharing scheme. 

The capital of BG is in the hands of its employees, particularly its partners.

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