• BG involved in the fight against pollution in the Arve Valley

BG involved in the fight against pollution in the Arve Valley

Published on 10.04.2017

One of the biggest projects ever undertaken by the Federation of Municipalities of the Rochois Region relates to the construction of a sewage-treatment plant that will inject biomethane into the grid belonging to Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GRDF). Via its Water France & Waste unit, BG is the project manager for the construction of this installation, which will eventually produce natural gas for vehicles. The twofold objective is to provide a local road transport company with fuel and reduce atmospheric pollution in the Arve Valley. 

The first plenary meeting on this project was held in early February at the Arvéa WWTP in the Arenthon municipality, where the biomethane production will be located. The initial step will be to create a co-digestion facility that will optimise biogas production by mixing sewage and food oils arriving at the Arvéa plant with the sludge and grease it generates. The biogas produced by co-digestion will be filtered in a membrane purification unit, prior to being transformed into biomethane and injected into the GRDF grid.

Ultimately the aim is to produce sufficient fuel to power the equivalent of 133 cars or 25 busses driving 100 kilometres per day! The advantages of this 100% renewable fuel are many: fine particle emissions are zero, nitrogen oxide is reduced by 80%, and greenhouse gas emissions are lower compared to diesel.

The application for a building permit will be submitted in June 2017, after which a contractor will be selected to carry out the work. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2018, and the plant should be completed by the end of the year, at which time biomethane injection will be operational.

This project has come about in the current context of sustainable development and the pursuit of energy efficiency. Producing renewable energy from wastewater is an exciting challenge, and BG is particularly proud and enthusiastic about its involvement in this major project for the Arve Valley.

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