• © Romande Energie
    A small hydropower plant that outperforms!
  • © Romande Energie
    A small hydropower plant that outperforms!

A small hydropower plant that outperforms!

Published on 05.10.2017

On September 6, the Delise hydropower plant was inaugurated in Bourg-Saint-Pierre (VS), after two years of work, in the presence of representatives of the project owner, Forces Motrices du Grand-St-Bernard (FGB), and Romande Energie, its shareholder.

The Toules dam and the Pallazuit power station, built in 1965, divert the waters of the Allèves and Croix valley watersheds to Toules Lake through tunnels and free surface conduits. In Delise, an “energy destroyer” was built to dissipate the force of the water caused by the steep slope in this location. The Delise power plant, with a power of 2 MW, replaces this dissipator and generates power from the unexploited hydraulic potential.

As head of the BG-PRA joint venture, BG was in charge of all SIA engineering services, for the civil engineering and electromechanical equipment, from the feasibility study through to commissioning. In addition to the power plant, a new pressurised conduit, a header tank and an upstream surge tank were constructed. BG also refurbished the existing Lantze headrace tunnel, replacing the damaged lining.

The new power plant will provide 1,160 households with 4.2 million kWh per year for a total investment of about CHF 6 million.

Nima Nilipour, head of the Geotechnical and Underground Infrastructures & Energy Production (IGSE) unit and manager of this project at BG, says: “We are proud to participate today in this inauguration and to have contributed to the development of power generation from renewable energy”. He thanked all the IGSE and EGE colleagues who helped make this amazing project a success.


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