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    Ready, set... sail!
  • Ready, set... sail!


Ready, set... sail!

Published on 24.10.2017

The 4th HYDROContest, the first student competition dedicated to maritime energy efficiency, was held in Saint-Tropez from 4 to 10 September last.

Organised by the Swiss foundation Hydros, the event brought together some 250 engineering students on 23 teams from 13 countries, to race their prototype boats.

The purpose of the competition is to “raise the awareness among tomorrow's engineers of the need to design efficient nautical technologies, which can also be applied in industry, and to provide the means for promising projects to be developed into specific applications that will improve the naval ecological balance.”

Each team receives an electric engine from the HydroContest organisers. The students then have several months to build one or two boats, before competing in one of the following categories:

  • Mass Transport: simulating a cargo ship, the boat must be able to carry 200 kg
  • Private Boats: pleasure craft to carry people (20 kg load)

A final category, Long Distance Race, pits all the prototypes against one another in a pure endurance race, the winner being whichever boat travels the farthest distance in one hour.

The team of the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne), which has participated in the competition since it began in 2014, once again proposed a “mass transport” vessel. The tireless efforts of the 26 students paid off! The boat came in first in its category!

As a sponsor, BG is pleased to congratulate these young talents for their fantastic result and their unfailing dedication!


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