• Eleven children discover the job of engineer at BG
    JOM 2016: But what exactly do engineers do?
  • CEO Pierre Kohler explains the role of a firm of consulting engineers to the children
    JOM 2016: But what exactly do engineers do?
  • On a tour of EPFL
    JOM 2016: But what exactly do engineers do?
  • Visiting EPFL’s Franklin transformer
    JOM 2016: But what exactly do engineers do?

JOM 2016: But what exactly do engineers do?

Published on 22.11.2016

On Thursday, November 10, 2016, as part of the “National Job Diversity Day”, BG hosted eleven children to tell them about the job of engineer. This exciting programme, concocted by the Human Resources department, enabled the girls and boys to learn about a career where equal opportunity is a reality.

On November 10 in French-speaking Switzerland, all schoolchildren in the 11-13 age bracket were invited to explore the professional world of one of their parents. The purpose of the “National Job Diversity Day” (JOM) is to show children what their future could look like through an unbiased presentation of potential career paths.

This year eleven children (eight of whom have a parent working at BG) chose to learn more about a career in engineering. They were welcomed by Pierre Kohler, CEO, who explained the role of a firm of consulting engineers, the role of engineering in global challenges, the values of BG, its organisation and its involvement in major projects.

Engineer Benoît Miraton, accompanied by technicians Maximilien Clément and Nicolas Sauthier, presented the various jobs and phases involved in a construction project, using the example of EPFL's Franklin transformer, shown at different stages of completion. The children were then able to visit the transformer site with Benoît Miraton.

During the JOM, BG also set aside time for breakfast, lunch (with parents) and an afternoon snack, refreshing breaks that were much appreciated in a busy day full of discoveries and activities. The JOM takes place every year – and BG organises it with special attention to the young participants. Mark your calendars for 2017!

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