• Geneva Airport SBB Train Station – Bringing Rail Access into Conformity

Geneva Airport SBB Train Station – Bringing Rail Access into Conformity

Published on 28.04.2017

The Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has given BG the HVAC Instrumentation & Control engineering mandate in the project to upgrade the rail access facilities at Geneva Airport.

Commissioned in 1987, the underground Geneva Airport train station is the terminus for passengers headed for the international airport or the nearby business district. It consists of four tracks and two central 420-metre platforms, currently serving approximately 15,000 passengers per day.
BG is responsible for all engineering services relating to the smoke extraction installation in the underground space, including its control-command system.

The main priorities of the project are to ensure user safety, keep the station operational, and implement technical solutions that are innovative, efficient, and adapted to the significant constraints of the existing infrastructure.

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