• CityZen and BG: a first-rate partnership for Smart Cities
  • Inauguration of CityZen Park
    CityZen and BG: a first-rate partnership for Smart Cities
  • Smart Suisse Conference, Basel
    CityZen and BG: a first-rate partnership for Smart Cities

CityZen and BG: a first-rate partnership for Smart Cities

Published on 08.06.2017

As a founding member of the CityZen association, BG is committed to supporting Smart Cities. 

CityZen, which is hosted at the EPFL Science Park, brings together Swiss companies with complementary skills to carry out projects related to Smart Cities. It aims to provide a multidisciplinary platform for municipalities, cities and businesses, and to be a single point of contact for finding solutions to their needs. By conducting economic and technical feasibility studies, developing roll-out strategies and helping implement solutions, CityZen offers a wide range of expertise in the field of Smart Cities, both in Switzerland and internationally.

BG Consulting Engineers is among the founding members of CityZen, along with the following companies: Losinger, Spie, EcoWaste, Innobridge, SwissTraffic, Schréder, SixSg, Xemtec, Spinetix and Huber+Suhner. For BG, the association is an opportunity to utilise more smart technologies in its projects, develop its expertise in this field and create new partnerships.

CityZen also has a physical site called “CityZen Park” where members can present their products and services, and show today’s cities how to become the Smart Cities of tomorrow. BG played an active role in the recent inauguration of CityZen Park on May 3 and 4, when 100 visitors from several Swiss cantons had a chance to learn about the Smart City projects and meet a panel of experts. The event was a great success. BG was also present at the CityZen booth at the last SmartSuisse conference in Basel on April 26, where it was able to inform participants about the association and develop potential partnerships.

BG is pleased with the success of this fruitful collaboration and is proud to contribute its expertise, particularly in the development of energy efficient buildings and neighbourhoods.



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