• BG Part of Pilot Project to Build Upper-Rhine Prison

BG Part of Pilot Project to Build Upper-Rhine Prison

Published on 28.08.2017

Called upon as technical and environmental consulting engineers, BG joined a consortium tasked with building the French prison in Lutterbach, on the outskirts of Mulhouse (Upper-Rhine). The facility will provide capacity for 520 prisoners and should be delivered in 2020. 

The Lutterbach prison is expected to comprise seven residential areas, one of which will be reserved for women and another for incarcerated minors. The project also includes a “trust zone” to provide prisoners with greater autonomy before provisional or final release.

This prison must “respond to a desire for renewal of the penitentiary institution”, declared a spokesperson for the Upper-Rhine Prefecture. This “secure and functional” public construction will include “a strong human dimension” and its architectural anchoring in the Alsatian landscape will be specifically associated with major revegetation work.

The design and construction of the project were entrusted earlier this year to a group of companies including SCAU (architecture), Léon Grosse (general contracting), SARL BETEG (technical design), as well as BG Consulting Engineers and EODD (environmental engineering). Within this consortium, BG is responsible in particular for the project’s energy supply study. It is foreseen that 10 to 20% of the prison’s heat and hot water requirements will be provided by a wood pellet boiler.

The Lutterbach file – a pilot project in the 2015-2017 plan to overhaul the French prison system – has gone through several ministerial changes. Various local appeals are still pending, but the Upper-Rhine Prefecture announced this summer, following a public enquiry, that work would begin mid-2018.


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