• BG Involved in Two Major Drainage Projects in Zug
  • BG Involved in Two Major Drainage Projects in Zug
  • BG Involved in Two Major Drainage Projects in Zug

BG Involved in Two Major Drainage Projects in Zug

Published on 14.08.2017

Important water drainage works have begun on the city of Zug’s northern fringe, at a depth of 8 to 10 metres. Thanks to a microtunnel boring machine, a new 1.8 kilometre water pipe will be built and is expected to be operational by the autumn of 2018. It will be 2 metres in diameter on the inside and 2.7 metres on the outside.

In 1995, Zug’s municipal authorities decided to move from a combined sewer to a sanitary sewer network. Currently, more than two thirds of the network is separated. Thanks to this new water pipe, the transformation of the network is accelerating even more, with positive outcomes including reduced flood risks and improved water quality for Lake Zug. It is one of the most important microtunnel boring machine projects currently underway in Europe.

A second project is being developed concurrently by WWZ (Zug energy utility) in the shape of an underground distribution network. The objective of the project, called “Circulago”, is to supply heating and cooling energy for the city of Zug and the region south of Baar by using the energy of the lake. The Circulago project requires the construction of a second tunnel of approximately one kilometre in length and 1.6 metres in diameter on the inside, 2 metres on the outside.

Lake water is collected at a distance of 400 metres from the shore, prior to being carried to a water station located in the Schützenmatt district. Using heat exchangers, the temperature of the lake water is subsequently transferred to a second pipe network which transports the energy to neighbouring power stations. There, the heat generated by means of heat pumps is redistributed into a network of connected buildings. Cooling energy is also produced and distributed. By using underground distribution networks, Circulago offers considerable advantages. In particular, it can avoid nuisances linked to buildings or traffic congestion, leading to energy savings and, ultimately, a reduction in CO2 emissions of 80%.

On July 7, 2017 the 2.7 metre cutting head that will be used was christened in the presence of Zug’s Mayor, André Wicki, WWZ CEO Andreas Widmer, actress Isabelle Flachsmann (who kindly accepted that the cutting head be named after her) and BG Consulting Engineers, in charge of project and works management through its SIV unit (Infrastructure & Transport in the German-speaking part of Switzerland).


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