• BG facilitates two workshops during ASTANA EXPO 2017- FUTURE ENERGY
  • BG facilitates two workshops during ASTANA EXPO 2017- FUTURE ENERGY
  • BG facilitates two workshops during ASTANA EXPO 2017- FUTURE ENERGY

BG facilitates two workshops during ASTANA EXPO 2017- FUTURE ENERGY

Published on 18.07.2017

Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, is hosting the “Astana Expo 2017” international exhibition from June 10 to September 10, 2017. In view of the gradual depletion of fossil fuels and the impact of climate change, the organisers decided to make “Future Energy” the theme of their event. Alongside exhibits in the pavilions of the 115 participating countries, various conferences and workshops aim to raise awareness about the better management of natural resources and the implementation of technologies able to produce renewable energy more efficiently. Astana Expo 2017 is an opportunity not only to take stock of the current energy landscape, but also to showcase sustainable solutions and technological innovations that reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In the context of this exhibition, BG participated in the “Eighth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development” that was held in Astana from June 11 to 14. Hannes Mac Nulty, Sustainable Energy Solutions Manager at BG's Building and Territorial Energy unit (BET), facilitated a workshop co-hosted by our Group on energy efficiency for governments and industry. Very often businesses don’t pay sufficient attention to the issue of energy, when in actual fact energy-related solutions could help them improve their productivity. A change in attitude will require both political decision-makers and industry stakeholders to come together and work hand in hand to draw up recommendations that will lead to more effective policies on energy efficiency.

Mr Mac Nulty contributed to another workshop on renewable energy, entitled “From Diesel Generators to Renewable Energy in the Context of Crisis”. Whether in low-connectivity countries, rural settings, crisis-ridden areas or refugee camps, energy is usually produced by diesel generators, with all the problems they entail in terms of cost, maintenance, safety and operations. The use of such power-generating systems makes it impossible to appraise energy consumption, achieve efficiency gains or reduce consumption. Yet innovative and easy to roll-out technological solutions already exist today. Our colleague described the role private investors could play in developing renewable energy solutions in areas where refugee camps are located. He also pointed to initiatives such as the R20 Alliance and its 100 Climate Solutions Projects Campaign that go a long way in demonstrating how the private sector can invest wisely in energy projects. Not surprisingly, BG is one of the Alliance’s partners (see “Arnold Schwarzenegger and his R20 Alliance to develop energy projects with Alpiq and BG”).



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