• 23rd Transport and Mobility Meeting in Paris – Innovation and New Technologies

23rd Transport and Mobility Meeting in Paris – Innovation and New Technologies

Published on 03.04.2017

Guillaume de Tilière, an engineer in the Infrastructure & Transport Domain and Manager of the Transport Centre with BG, participated in the 23rd Transport and Mobility Meeting in Paris.

Speaking at the session dedicated to “Transport & Mobility: Major Evolutions to Come”, he addressed the question of technological advances and their impact on our behaviour. For Guillaume de Tilière, with increasing mobility on the one hand and low-density rural areas on the other, the development of new transport networks is of the greatest importance. Recent communication technologies have made it possible to access new schemes like Vélib’ and Autolib’. These services are dramatically changing the way we manage our movements and offer users an “à la carte” system.

Similarly, the linking of these schemes with other systems, such as the management of available parking spaces, will soon enable considerable gains in terms of cost and efficiency. Projects like OPTIMOD in Lyon offer users, passengers, and freight professionals centralised access to all available mobility data on a single platform, accessible via internet and on mobile devices, thereby optimising passenger transport as well as logistics.

Currently, the question of carpooling is intersecting with automation. Autonomous or driverless cars are making their way into the automotive landscape. Even if it is still difficult to know whether consumers will fully endorse them, their introduction could reduce the automobile fleet by around 50%, lower the number of urban parking spaces by approximately 40%, and make road accidents less frequent. And because autonomous cars are going to be expensive, people will be tempted to share them to reduce costs…

All of these technological innovations and questions about the future of transport have an impact on our behaviour as users and the way we think about travel.


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